The fit of our products may differ from that of products from other brands. Make sure to check out sizing charts before ordering! All sizing charts can be found on the product's page, right above where you select a size.

Fitting Your New SpeedGrip™ Insoles:

1. Each insole size covers a range of shoe sizes, so you'll need to cut the SpeedGrip™ Insoles down to fit. To do so, take the shoes that you plan on upgrading, remove the insoles inside of them and set them aside. Then, grab a pair of scissors.

2. Take the right-side insole from your shoes and place it against the new right-side SpeedGrip™ Insole. Cut the excess material from your SpeedGrip™ Insole so it matches perfectly with the insoles you want to replace. Repeat this process with the left-side insoles.

3. Now that you have two SpeedGrip™ Insoles perfectly sized to fit in your shoes, remove the white film on the back of the heel and bottom to expose the pressure-sensitive glue that will help keep your insoles in place.

4. Now place them inside the shoes you need to upgrade. Try to position them correctly the first time, because even though the glue is not permanent, it will work better if the insole is not placed and removed several times.

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30 Days to Return Unused Gear

Return any unused gear within 30 days of the delivery date for a refund. Products can be tried on to ensure fit, but not used, and must be in the original packaging with tags. 

Refunds can take up to a week to process (we need to receive the goods, inspect them and then we can issue the refund). Rejected returns will be returned to the original buyer.

We only accept returns for orders. If you purchase from another store (, Amazon, reseller, etc.), that store is responsible for refunds and exchanges.

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      All UK Orders

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        Feature Description
        SpeedGrip Proprietary suede-like grip material that provides increased traction in both dry and wet conditions
        BodyShield Armored with material that absorbs up to 90% of impact
        Headgear protection Engineered to reduce g-forces to the head by up to 50%
        Finger Spines Ergonomic plastic spines that protect the finger from jamming and bending backwards
        SABR-Tex (Turf Burn Protection) Stretchy, thin, flexible abrasion-resistant panels that withstand turf burns
        Anti-Microbial Enhanced with anti-bacterial treatment to reduce germs and odors
        Moisture-Wicking Employs lightweight materials that wick moisture away from the body
        Spiral Wrist Wrap Extra long strap that wraps twice around the wrist for superior fit and security
        Anti-UV Protects skin from harmful UV rays.

        With the exception of Gloves and Insoles, all of our gear can be machine washed on a cold setting. All of our gear should be air dried to extend durability (we often machine dry our gear for convenience, but do so at your own risk!)

        1. Gloves: never (ever) machine wash or dry the gloves. Soak them in warm water and let them air dry. Follow our detailed care guide HERE.
        2. Socks/Liners: to extend durability, avoid machine washing and drying.

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        Q: Why is my promo code not working?

        A: Most promotional codes require the user to be logged in to their Storelli account and are case sensitive. Many codes are single-use and can only be used for one order per customer.


        Q: How long will it take for my payment to be refund refunded after my gear is returned?

        A: Refunds take about 3 days to process. Returns are processed on a weekly basis. If you have returned an item more than two weeks ago and don’t see money back in your account, please reach out to and we’ll look into the issue.


        Q: Why can’t I see a size or product that you carry?

        A: will reflect all products that are currently in stock. Sizes that are out of stock cannot be selected or ordered from our site.


        Q: Do you have sizing charts for your products?

        A: Yes, we have sizing charts for all of our products which can be found on each products page near the size selection menu.


        Q: Where will my order ship from?

        A: All North and South American orders will ship from our third party warehouse in Lancaster, PA. All other orders will ship from our UK warehouse.


        Q: When will my order ship? How long does shipping take?

        A: Your order will process the same, or next day. It will generally ship the next business day. Shipping time is then dependent on the shipping option chosen at checkout.


        Q: Can I return an item that was delivered more than 30 days ago?

        A: Although we do not accept returns for orders delivered more than 30 days prior to a request, if the item is unused and in its original packaging, we may make an exception and offer store credit for the item or a partial refund. Please email us at for these requests.


        Q: Will SpeedGrip insoles fit in my (insert name) cleats?

        A: SpeedGrip Insoles are designed to replace standard insoles and work with most cleats. If you find that the heel tab is uncomfortable with your shoes, feel free to cut that part off and continue to use the insoles.


        Q: What types of shin-guards are compatible and fit with the BodyShield Leg Guard/Leg Sleeve?

        A: Almost all SLIP-IN shin-guards are compatible with our BodyShield Leg Guards and Leg Sleeves. The only shin guard we know of that does not fit in the shin guard sleeves is the C6 Agility (Max Variation). However, you can use the C6 Agility (Max Variation) with our Leg Guard by putting C6 outside/on top of the sleeve or underneath the entire Leg Guard.

        * Leg Guard/Sleeve pocket Dimensions

        • Youth Medium: 8 inches long by 4 inches wide
        • Youth Large: 9 inches long by 4.5 inches wide
        • Adult Medium: 10 inches long by 5 inches wide
        • Adult Large: 11 inches long by 5.5 inches wide


        If you received a team number from us, you need an iron to heat press it onto a Head Guard or other piece of gear.

        Here is how:

        • Warm up an iron, and pick up the number. On one side there should be a bar code, on the other a black number (the number is actually white, the "black" surface is the glue you will heat up with the iron).
        • Place the number face down exactly where you want to apply it. WARNING: since the back of the number is covered by the bar code, double check that the number is positioned correctly before going to the next steps, because once ironed you will not be able to reposition the number
        • When ready, place the iron over the number and hold for 30 seconds on the side covered by the bar code.
        • Remove the iron and remove the film with the bar code. The white number should now be visible and glued to the product. 
        • You are now ready to kick some butt. Use your new Storelli powers responsibly!

        If you want to order for an entire team, you can use this website to do so easily and cost-efficiently.

        Just add the products and quantities you need to your cart, and our cart will automatically apply a bulk discount to your order (up to 25% off!).

        You can then use a credit card to process the order, and you will benefit from both free shipping and free exchanges & returns (see below). 

        For headgear team orders specifically, most coaches do not know exactly what sizes to order ahead of time. Do not worry- we made the process very easy for you, just follow the steps below:

        • Use our suggested sizing distribution to know what sizes to order without having to measure your entire team:
          • Size 2: 10%
          • Size 3: 25%
          • Size 4: 30%
          • Size 5: 25%
          • Size 6: 10%
        • So say you were to order for 20 players, our suggested size breakdown would be as follows:
          • Size 2: 2 units
          • Size 3: 5
          • Size 4: 6
          • Size 5: 5
          • Size 6: 2
        • Once you receive the order (with free shipping!), have your players try the various sizes. You may be left with a couple of units of mismatch (example: 3 players need different sizes, so you have 3 head guards left over): just click on the link below and use our automated returns system to mail back the left over headgear and receive the sizes you need a few days later at no cost.
        • Click HERE to start the exchange process. We will cover shipping costs if you are a domestic customer, and will automatically send what you need without waiting to receive your return. So it's easy, fast and free!
        • For additional information, email us at