Top 10 strangest goalkeeper injuries

Aug 13, 2018

Goalkeepers are constantly putting their bodies on the line, arguably more than any other player on the pitch.


By choosing to be a goalkeeper, you are choosing to put your body through a grind. There is no way of playing the position without hitting the ground hard every time you make a save, grinding your skin against the abrasive pitch every time you slide, consciously using your body as a wall to stop short-range shots and, let's not forget, the occasional full-speed body clashes against incoming opponents. As some coaches say, you need to be a bit crazy to be a serious goalkeeper.


The physicality of the position naturally exposes keepers to a higher incidence of lower body, upper body and finger injuries which we know too well. But turns out that goalkeepers, perhaps due to their eclectic personalities, have historically suffered from a series of bizarre injuries that are sometimes hard to believe. Neil Andrews of Goalkeepers Are Different collected a list of quirky GK injuries, here are our 10 favorites:

1. Stepney's Shouting Match
In 1975, Manchester United keeper Alex Stepney managed to dislocate his jaw while shouting at his defenders during a match against Birmingham City. At least Man U went on to win that match 2-0.

2. Canizares's Shaving Incident
Spain's Santiago Canizares was ruled out of the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea after dropping a bottle of aftershave on his foot. Spain was later knocked out of the quarter finals by the host team - South Korea.

3. David Seaman's Clicker Injury
England and Arsenal keeper, David Seaman, missed the first half of the 1996/97 season after damaging his knee ligaments bending down to pick up his television remote control. He then almost ended his career by injuring his shoulder while trying to catch a fish.

4. Davison with an Egg...
Grimsby keeper, Aidan Davison, was hit during a Second Division play-off game when a Fulham fan threw a hard-boiled egg at him in 1998. There was no long term injury here and recovery was quick.

5. Demirel Giving Away his Shirt
In February 2004, Fenerbahçe's Volkan Demirel dislocated his shoulder when he fell over while throwing his shirt to a fan following a 2-1 win against rivals Galatasaray. He was sidelined for three weeks.

6. South Africa's Spiderman
Kaiser Chiefs and South Africa goalkeeper, Rowen Fernandez, once had to be hospitalized after being bitten by one of his pet spiders. Unfortunately, he did not develop any special web-slinging talents to aid him between the sticks.

7. Courtois Breakin' Ankles on the Court
Chelsea's Thibaut Courtois suffered an ankle injury while playing basketball at the club's training ground. The game was organized by the club and was being filmed as part of their commercial duties with the NBA. He missed three matches. Manager Antonio Conte was not pleased.

8. Navarro's Run in with a Police Dog
In 1991, a police dog named Ron bit the backside of overly aggressive Boca goalkeeper Carlos Navarro Montoya during what became known as the Battle of Macul. The Boca goalkeeper was treated after the game but it took time for his pride to heal. Ron became a celebrity in Chile and even after the dog passed away, fans still visit his grave.

9. Allen Attacked by an Old Man
AFC Bournemouth goalkeeper, Kenny Allen, suffered an injury while 5-0 down during a game against Tranmere Rovers. A disappointed elderly gentleman left his position on the terraces behind the goal, entered the field of play and proceeded to whack Allen across the backside with his walking stick, leaving the keeper with a bruised bottom.


10. Gulacsi's Fist Pump
RB Leipzig goalkeeper, Peter Gulacsi, suffered one of the oddest goalkeeping injuries of all time in March 2018. He managed to dislocate his finger while performing a fist pump to celebrate his side scoring against Zenit Saint Petersburg in a Europa League clash.

Source: "Goalkeepers Are Different" by Neil Andrews
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