How A Breathable Insert Makes Your Work Day Bearable

Jan 29, 2021

One year ago, I thought morning meetings couldn’t get any more stifling. But now, as many of us are (or are soon to be) returning to the office, we face the reality of wearing a face mask from 9 to 5.

Surviving the monotony of expense reports and PowerPoint presentations is hard enough. Nevermind with the nuisance of wearing a mask for 8-hours straight. Today, we’re taking a look at how simply wearing a breathable insert can make your mask-all-day workday bearable.

Comfortable Fit

One of the great benefits of a face mask insert is that you can wear it inside any mask. You can take a mask with adjustable straps that already fits great and make it even more comfortable.

The PowerAir breathable face mask insert is adjustable, so it fits your unique nose and face shape. All the while it adjusts the form of your mask to prevent it from collapsing in on your mouth and giving you a little more room to breathe under its protection.

Full of Hot Air? Problem Solved

As we cycle the same breaths over and over, our masks get hot. The human respiratory system is seemingly a hot air factory that makes any mask incredibly uncomfortable.

The PowerAir insert gives the hot, recycled air, a way out so you can breathe fresh, cool air instead of turning your mask into a humid, muggy mess. When you’re wearing a mask all day, you definitely want it to stay cool and comfortable.

Speak Easy

In the 1920s, a speakeasy was an underground bar that let people escape the tyranny of Prohibition. In the 2020s, speaking easily is something only a handful of masks let you do, and it’s hard to say which type of speak easy is more of a relief.

From meetings to watercooler talk, the mask-wearing office is a burden of unintelligible mumbles and ongoing choruses of, “could you repeat that?” Suffice to say, communication is not what it used to be.

Repeat yourself less and express yourself more with COVID mask inserts. Their design keeps the fabric away from your face, This allows you to speak freely without the fabric muffling your voice. Keep headaches and miscommunications at a minimum with easy speaking breathable mask inserts.

Your Prescription for Foggy Glasses

There’s a new sound at the office, nestled in among the click-clack of keyboards and vibrating smartphones. Once barely perceptible, the audible “ffffffft” wipe of cleaning the fog off of glasses is now amplified as a multitude of coworkers are constantly defogging their lenses.

Whether you wear prescription lenses or blue-light filtering glasses to reduce the eyestrain of staring at a screen all day, fogging is a real nuisance. As the glasses weigh down on our face masks, the mask reflects breath up into them all day long. As a result, fogging quickly and constantly forms.

Using a face mask insert helps to reduce this problem, redirecting the breath away from the bridge of the nose. As a result, your glasses don’t fog and they go back to helping you see instead of inhibiting your vision.

PowerAir Inserts, the New Improved Mask for a New Normal

Whether you need a mask that can help you survive an hour at the gym or 8 hours at the office, PowerAir inserts are your solution. This device makes any mask more breathable and comfortable, without sacrificing safety.

Shop PowerAir face mask inserts today!

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